Now that net neutrality has become a major topic of discussion and organizations are working to protect digital privacy, VPNs are an essential part of the internet’s future. VPNs actually a cost a dime or even more at sometimes depending on the type of service they offer. But there are also cheap VPNs available that charge as little as a $1 per month for VPN service.

These cheap VPNs are economical and weigh a lot less on your wallet. But it doesn’t mean that they offer low performance or compromise user quality. Nope! The VPN Cheap service offer the same service for free because they are playing the game of economies of scale.

Due to the price hike in technology products, we have attached a stigma with products. We think if something is of better quality, it must have a higher price. However, that’s not always the case.

From our observation, we can tell that there are hidden gems available for almost the same price. But they offer value that isn’t offered on any other platform.

Why Price Does Matter in VPN Servers?

Honestly speaking, the price of a VPN server matters a lot. If the VPN is not priced accurately, it won’t make any sales. But then the price of a VPN server also tells about its quality. VPNs that have servers in a number of countries offer more price. While those VPN servers that have limited reach are cheaper in price.

So, the main question is: Which type of VPN server should you get?

The answer is simple: Get a VPN server that is fast, secure, and offers flexibility in server connection.

You don’t need servers at 100 of locations, but you do need at least 10 to 20 servers in prime locations like US, UK, Canada and others.

So, the price does matter but your own motive matters more.

Best Cheap VPN with Free Trial in 2018

Here is a list of all the VPNs that are fast, reliable, and cheap. The above table described the types of VPN servers and their price range. You can see that each VPN service has servers in multiple locations.

Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the best VPN service providers that offer consistent streaming and complete privacy. It has servers available in over 90 countries and is a popular VPN provider that offers 30 day trial with complete 24/7 support.

ExpressVPN offers a single-plan for access to their network of 1000+ servers across 94+ countries via a range of devices including Android, iPhone, Mac & Desktop.

Cheap VPN for ExpressVPN



  • Over 1000+ in 94 countries
  • Available on Android, iPhone, Mac & Desktop
  • Offers one single plan for network access
  • Plan costs $12.95/monthly or $9.99 for six months


  • Comes with limited features only
  • No phone support available
  • Customization of settings as per your aptitude is not available

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is one remarkable VPN service provider that offers ultrafast streaming and free access to restricted content. It also offers a trial with 30 day money back guarantee. The service has more than 1300 servers across US & Europe. IT also offers money back of one month. You can get access to global content from anywhere in the world.

cheap vpn for CyberGhost


  • Offers ultra-fast streaming and connectivity
  • Servers available in over 1300 countries
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • It doesn’t offer a completely free trial.
  • More beauty, no brains. The interface looks fairly simple but doesn’t offer the required functionality

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is offers hassle free connection to streaming sites and free access to restricted content. It can connect six devices simultaneously and is available with a 30 day money back guarantee. Nord also offers 24/7 money back guarantee and is a complete win for anyone looking for anonymity and cheap price.

NordVPN overall cheap vpn


  • Seamless speed with 30 day money back guarantee
  • Available with over 5000 servers


  • Speed isn’t as great as others
  • Discount not available on monthly plan


Best Cheap VPN Monthly Plan

List of VPN cheap servers that cost less than $5 per month. These VPN servers will easily work on your system as they are highly compatible with all types of hardware.

Lime VPN

First VPN in our list is the Lime VPN service. It offers a monthly package of $2.49 per month. The service is based in Netherlands and offers servers at 17 different locations. Lime VPN service is less than $3 per month which is completely feasible considering that it works with both desktop and mobile based systems.



  • Compatible with all types of systems
  • Low monthly charges; can be as low as $1 per month for 2 year plan


  • Only 17 servers available
  • Can’t connect with all types of streaming sites

Goose VPN

GooseVPN is another VPN service that’s available at a highly low rate. It is one used for both torrents and Netflix. Goose VPN is also based in Netherlands and offers over 100 servers to hide your privacy while browsing the internet. You can get 50 GB/month data plan for $2.99/month.



  • Over 100 servers
  • 50 GB data for $3 only


  • Less quantity of servers

Earth VPN

EarthVPN comes with unlimited bandwidth. It is available in 54 countries, offering 434 servers, and comes with P2P torrenting. The Earth VPN is fully compatible with a wide range of devices including gaming consoles and Roku. It is available for $3.99/month.



  • Over 434 servers
  • Available in 54 countries


  • Higher in price than the other two

Best Cheap VPN by 6 Months Plan

Here is a list of VPN servers that work well for users who want a six month plan. These VPN servers are highly compatible with all types of hardware.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN offers $10 for VPN service for six months. We have already discussed why ExpressVPN is better. It is because of price. Unlike other VPNs in our list, this VPN service by Express VPN is available in multiple countries. The reason we have added it on top of the list is because of the reviews it has in comparison with other VPN services.

Check out the results of speed on ExpressVPN.

Speed Test without ExpressVPN:

without connecting expressvpn

Speed Test with ExpressVPN: 

after connecting expressvpn


Next in our list is IP Vanish. It is available for $9/month. IPvanish offers over 1000 servers in 60 locations. Due to the availability of so many servers at a single time, IPvanish offers excellent download speeds. It also offers seven day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.



Vypr VPN service is available for $6.67 only. It is based out of Switzerland and offers 700 servers at 73 different locations around the world. Just make sure to test the VyprVPN service before you get it. Because this one doesn’t offer refunds at all.


Best $1 VPN to Watch Geo Restricted Content

Finch VPN

Finch VPN provides comprehensive VPN services for just $1.61 per month. They are considered one of the cheapest VPN service providers around the world. They offer magnificent features at such a low price. With a cost-effective and user-friendly offering, Finch VPN is highly trusted by the consumers. They usually offer a couple of plans including Pro and Premier. However, the Pro plan is the cheapest of the two.



–        Finch VPN supports multiple servers at that affordable price.

–        Come with a free trial

–        It also offers Open VPN, VPN encryption and multiple servers using the free trial version. There are multiple payment methods supported by Finch VPN.


–        They are relatively new in the market.

–        There are certain limitations on its free trial.

–        Premier plan is a little expensive. Port

–        Forwarding is not supported in Pro plan.

–        Also, the free trial does not offer remote support.


When talking about the cheapest VPN providers, VPN99 makes it to the list. It is a UK based company that offers VPN services for $1 per month. There are a number of pricing plans offered by VPN99 to its customers incorporating monthly, yearly, 3 months, 6 months, and 2 years plans.



  • The price of $1/month remains constant for all these plans.
  • It is compatible with all OS such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android etc.
  • Offers a quick installation process.
  • Offers multi login feature for all its users


–  VPN99 does not provide a great network of servers globally.

– Currently offering their services in only three countries.

– Limited numbers of payment options for the users, as just a few online payment methods are offered by the company.


Hostens provides faster, reliable, and safe VPN service worldwide. It offers locations in North America, Asia, and Europe. However, the company ensures to provide services in all parts of the world. You can access their VPN services for $1 per month. There are basically three plans from which the customer can choose one. These plans include Small, Medium, and Large plans. The Small Plan is the cheapest as it costs $1 per month. Medium Plan costs $1.49 while the Large Plan costs $3 per month.



  • VPN service offers faster access time,
  • More than 1Gbit port speed
  • Multiple protocols including OpenVPN and L2TP protocols
  • The service is also quite easy to set up, and follows a comprehensive tutorial that explains every bit of the process in a suitable manner so that even a noob can install it easily.
  • Its support team ensures that they are always available for your assistance.


A few downfalls for Hostens’ VPN service include:

  • Limited features for the Small Plan offering just 1TB bandwidth
  • Supports just 1 device per connection

Best Cheap VPN vs. Free Trial VPNs

There are numerous VPN companies nowadays offering VPN services around the globe. Almost every VPN service provider claims to be the best in terms of features and affordability. However, one can separate the VPN service providers in terms of their offerings and prices. There are VPN companies that provide VPN services for as low as $1. On the other hand, there are companies that offer VPN services for even more than $10 which seems quite expensive.

Here is varying level of difference in service that you will get by opting for anyone of the services.

Cheap VPN service

Let’s say cheap VPN services are those that offer $1 or even less per month for the membership. These services have their own pros and cons that are offered below.


  • Those companies providing cheap services do not tend to provide a free trial.
  • The best cheap VPN costs too low and gives you a privilege of accessing extraordinary VPN services at the lowest price


–        Limited bandwidth and connection type

–        Don’t offer 256 AES military grade protection

–        Not suitable for confidential work as there is no guarantee of data protection

Trial VPN service

Trial VPN services are part of the elite club. They offer a 14-day or a 7-day trial for their users. But they are more secure, come with a bunch of flexible features and offer flexibility in performance and connectivity.


  • They offer a free trial so users can experience the service before paying money.
  • You can try them free of cost and then make a decision of selecting the finest out of them.
  • A free trial attracts a maximum number of users.


  • Free Trial VPNs are usually expensive.
  • You also get limited bandwidth, limited speed, and limited servers with a free trial.



Best Cheap Reddit VPN Plan

Next our list is of Reddit VPN servers. Reddit users are some of the best in judging and rating the VPNs. We have curated a list of VPNs based on their reviews.

Private Internet Access

Most Reddit users have given the verdict that Private Internet Access is not actually the best in the market but it offers complete protection. The PIA VPN also comes with a kill switch. It also offers consistent performance with almost negligible downtime.


Here is what one Reddit user said:

I just purchased a year subscription for which was recommended in the Piracy Megathread. So far it’s been fantastic, very reliable and no noticeable speed drops.


IPVanish offers both service and quality. It’s one of the world’s fastest VPN service available with over 40,000+ shared IPs. Apart from that it has server at 1,000 different locations in 60+ countries. This cheap VPN reddit offers unlimited P2P traffic, simultaneous connections, 24/7 live chat support.


Here is what one Reddit user said:

“I had used IPVanish, they were great a year ago, but around the time they updated their Windows 10 client I have had nothing but issues with connection speed. Additionally to get client installs working required me to disabling some security features in Windows. So…time to look around. I had locked my choice of VPN down to a IVPN and ExpressVPN. The lack of a native Android client (yet) on IVPN made the choice easy. I have done the OpenVPN setup, I just don’t like the lack of a user friendly client so opted to stay away from that setup with IVPN for now.”


Next in our list is Ivacy cheap VPN reddit. Known among gamers as the king of VPN reduction, Ivacy comes with a dozen power-packed features. It includes split tunneling, DDos protection, firewall bypass, geo-restriction unblocking, and ping reduction. It is available for $9 for a six month package.

Here is what a Reddit user said about Ivacy

“Get one that has a lot of servers so you can connect to a closest one. This will get you better speed and lower latency, check ivacy and nordvpn for speed.”


Last but not the least in our list is Torguard VPN. Torguard cheap VPN reddit offers no loss of connection while transferring from one server to the next. Reddit users recommend it for viewing restricted content in UK or USA. It also offers no drop in speed and is available with 100 percent anonymity.


Here is what one user says about Reddit Torguard feature:

“I signed up for TorGuard last week based on some feedback I had from Reddit users on here and also personal friends. I must say I am very pleased with the service, I am in the UK and most VPN providers I have used in the past have dropped my connection speed by more than 50%, with TorGuard I am getting my full home connection speed (380/20Mbps).”


Final Word

Whether you are looking for a cheap VPN service that offers 1-month package, or three month package, or six month package. This list will be a great help to you. We have also added reddit reviews section for users who would like to get user opinion before revealing their final decision.