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Best Cheap VPN on Reddit to Stay Anonymous & Browse Net

No one wants that their data gets leaked. That’s one exclusive reason they search for VPN services that can offer better security, improved performance, and most importantly keep their data secure over the internet. But while searching for a VPN service online, which service should you trust?

The answer: You can’t trust anything on internet because most of the VPN recommendation services are biased. They are affiliates of either one or the other VPN service and sold you to them. In such a misinformed scenario, most users take to Reddit. Reddit is a social media community that discusses various topics including best cheap VPN reddit and people trust them. Here is why.

Why Redditors opinion does matter?

There is just one opinion that matters on Reddit and that is of Redditor’s. Redditors give their opinion based on their personal experience of using a VPN. Redditors’ estimation of a best cheap VPN reddit is the conclusion of all the pros and cons of that VPN. There are numerous Redditors who present their opinion and give solid reasons behind it. When a Redditor recommends a VPN, he needs to give a good explanation of how it would suit OPs needs. Any unexplained post is removed from Reddit. This makes Redditors trustworthy and therefore, their opinion matters while choosing a best cheap VPN.

How Redditors choose the Best VPN?

Redditors have specific criteria for choosing the best VPN. They first weigh the pros and cons of the different VPNs. On a special Megathread, Redditors tend to share their views. Plenty of Redditors present their explanation of different VPNs after using them. They give reasons behind every claim that they make. The main platform is the user threads. The final recommendation is given at the top of the thread based on a VPN comparison. Each VPN is recommended for its useful features. For example, ExpressVPN is recommended by Redditors for its speed, customer service, and streaming.

Best Cheap VPN according to Redditors

1) ExpressVPN as per Redditors views

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN by the Redditors. If you read their comments on best cheap VPNs, it seems as Redditors love ExpressVPN. They seem to like its customer service, streaming, and speed. Another liked aspect of its service is its ability of bypassing Netflix geo-blocks. It is regarded more reliable by Redditors as compared to other VPNs. According to Redditors, it is an all-round service that makes ExpressVPN standout. Redditors often highlight that ExpressVPN has around 1500 servers in more than 148 countries. Redditors admire their features including no download limits, wide protocols range, and torrenting support.




  • Offers uniform speed across every device you use including (Windows, Android, and Amazon FireOS).
  • It has a client in the Amazon App Store for the Fire tablets that makes it more comfortable. No more need for sideloading, manual updates, or sketchy OpenVPN clone clients.
  • It offers consistent speed and when I switch to a different continent there is minimal lag.



  • ExpressVPN is expensive compared to other VPNs. It will cost you way more for the same service in comparison with other providers.
  • No phone support available. This disadvantage is short and straightforward. You only get in touch with ExpressVPN support team through chat or email.


2) Why NordVPN ranks second best according to Redditors?

NordVPN is rated as the second best VPN by the Redditors. It is considered all-round good choice. It is specifically regarded better for Netflix. Redditors like its fast torrenting and streaming. Redditors believe that it features everything you need from a VPN. They specifically mention its features such as wonderful security, P2P and non P2P options, and smooth use interface. It is also backed by many Redditors because of its easy AF setup across almost every device. Also, one NordVPN login can be utilized on six devices simultaneously which makes it the second choice of Redditors.




  • Connecting to Nord’s various servers is easy — just click on the country you want to connect with on the map.
  • NordVPN comes with a built-in ad blocker called “CyberSec.” In addition to blocking ads, the company says CyberSec will shield your device from malware and phishing.


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of servers in USA. This means those who rely on US based servers for browsing will have to compensate servers for speed and performance.
  • The customer service of NordVPN has a lot of complaints against it. They don’t offer phone support and don’t make guarantees.

3) PureVPN is most controversial when you see Redditors comments

When it comes to PureVPN, Redditors seem quite reluctant to use it. There have been controversies surrounding PureVPN. Many Redditors raised the issue of disclosing their information to the authorities. They tend to insist that it isn’t a trustworthy VPN. Many have disclosed that PureVPN lies regarding keeping logs. PureVPN usually claims that it does not log on your activity. However, a Redditor reported that PureVPN did log his search history and information. In a recent case, FBI got logs of the activities from one of PureVPN’s user. The lack of user privacy has made it controversial.



  • Comes with a simple interface that keeps everything in front of you on the dashboard. Easily manage it with point and click options.
  • Offers complete support for users who run into a problem. It has a 24/7 customer support that keep things incheck.
  • Offers servers in more than 100 countries; perfect for people who are looking for complete anonymity and military-grade encryption.


  • Expensive than most other servers in the market. Even a basic plan costs $10 for a month.
  • The VPN service offers addons as an external feature, each costing $2 per month.

4) ProtonVPN is the least choice for Redditors

ProtonVPN is the least recommended VPN service by the Redditors. Even though it has a great feature of double hop VPN, it still faces criticism. Unfortunately, several problems with this VPN have posed a risk to its users. Redditors have reported many issues with ProtonVPN. The most common of them include IP Address leaks, DNS leaks, buggy applications, connection issues, slow speed, delayed support, and kill switch problem. Redditors also claim that ProtonVPN charges quite higher as compared to its competitors. Also, the speeds are mediocre. It offers free tier but it’s quite restricted.



  • Both paid and free versions available.
  • Offers flexible pricing plan and offers complete security.
  • Excellent privacy policies with complete transparency.
  • Multi-hop VPN with connectivity with Tor network.


  • Fewer servers then other VPNs.
  • Doesn’t have a filter for finding faster server.
  • Full access to servers and features only at highest pay level.

5) VyprVPN is like venom for Redditors

VyprVPN is among the most hated VPN services by the Redditors. They seem disappointed with the server network of the VyprVPN. Their connection logs issues have made it venom for the Redditors. There are significant numbers of problems with this VPN. Most importantly, Torrenting is not permitted by VyprVPN. Most of the Redditors complain about the 30-day connection logs. Their prices are also on the higher side. Reddit users have highlighted the slow speed of this VPN. They also raise concerns regarding its refund policy. Also, there are no EU Netflix and no crypto payments with VyprVPN. On the brighter side, VyprVPN isn’t as bad as many have claimed it to be. It offers an honest privacy policy that allows users to watch and stream online content with complete freedom.



  • The connections reliable and more trustworthy. They offer complete freedom of choice and are highly secure.
  • For those who stream content on a regular basis will find VyprDNS more flexible and efficient. It will save you from hours of wastage that is usually a regular while streaming online content.


  • It has a higher price point in comparison with other VPN services. The basic tier costs $9.95/month. The premium tier costs $12.95/month.
  • It maintains a 30 day connection log of users. This is a major concern for many users. This isn’t ideal if you frequently download torrents.
  • Doesn’t offer complete anonymity.

Reddit best vpn for torrenting

Most users of reddit have recommended to use a seed box instead of a VPN for downloading torrents at high speed. But since seedboxes don’t offer any type of encryption of security, I am going to list both here, so you can make an informed decision.

Reddit Seedboxes for Users (Complete List)

LeechDrive: Offers higher performance for a small price of $5/m

Wicked servers: Offers 100mbs internet speed for downloading torrent content at a higher speed

Pulsed Media: Offers 150 GiB SSD Storage at 1GB speed for maximum performance

List of VPN servers for Torrenting as per Reddit Users



Most reddit users have said that OpenVPN that power Private Tunnel VPN server is one of the best when it comes to torrenting content. The VPN maintains a consistent speed and it is compatible with most seed boxes for high speed download.



Air VPN:


AirVPN is another encrypted fast-speed internet made by activists to defend net neutrality. It offers complete censorship. That’s number one reason most redditors love it.  But its biggest advantage that it offers unlimited bandwidth for downloading torrents. Unlike most other VPN servers that ban users for consuming more bandwidth, AirVPN and many other VPNs in this list don’t indulge in that practice.




IPVanish offers torrent downloading at a high speed while keeping you safe and secure. This wasn’t possible without the VPN because either the speed was too low, there wasn’t enough privacy, or relevant seeders weren’t available. IPVanishes solves all that.



Best cheap vpn uk reddit

Next, we have some of the best VPN servers for people in UK. These VPNs are cheap, reliable, and offer consistent performance. Let’s see which ones made it to the list.

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (PIA) offers military-grade encryption to users. It has more than 3000 servers in 28 locations around the world. Apart from the encryption, PIA is also known for its improved performance and kill switch protective measures.



Tunnel Bear


TunnelBear is another powerful VPN service recommended by Reddit users for UK based connection. It has two packages. First one is completely free for upto 500MBs. Second one comes at a price of $9.99 per month.

However, aside from the price Tunnelbear is a great VPN for redditors living in UK and wanting to stream unlimited content for movies and tv shows.




If you are searching for a free VPN in UK then WindScribe easily fits the list. It is available in 55 countries with over 100 servers. The VPN service has both free and paid versions available allowing you to test it out before upgrading the plan. It offers smooth seeding for torrents and comes with AES-256 encryption.

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