Ultimate Guide to Find Best VPN Routers for Home

A VPN is necessary so that you can easily access restricted media available online without any problem. ISPs these days offer controlled bandwidth to the users. This leads to internet hogging and low speed internet of the users who suffer at the hand of ISPs even after paying in full for the service.


The VPN services help them keep an umbrella over their activities through the use of proxy servers. By using a VPN server, the users are able to reroute their traffic through proxy servers that keep their connections anonymous and make the path untraceable.

This means ISPs can’t monitor the activity footprint and the users are virtually invisible.

Why Router Security is Important for All Users?

While using a VPN is one option to browse the web online anonymously, another way is to use secure and cheap VPN routers.

The internet routers come built with VPN security. This means users won’t have to connect the VPN network every time they use the internet. With VPN Routers, they are always anonymous from the ISPs, hackers, and even security agencies.

Key Points:

  • –        Router security is important because it keeps user data safe and secure
  • –        It can help connect to even restricted websites, apps, and servers
  • –        It improves the internet speed by connecting to the proxy server that is nearest to the websites

How to install VPN on router?

A VPN router can easily be enabled by using the following strategy.

First of all sign into the cheap VPN router using the credentials provided in the manual.

For those, who have no idea how to install the VPN router, they can check the following command in the browser to see if Router is activated.

  • Command:
  • Once the router is logged in, go to ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > VPN Service.
  • Now you will have to enable the VPN service.
  • Click on Enable VPN Service check box and click the Apply button.
  • Select the VPN service settings of your choice.
  • Next, select the OS. For Windows, download the VPN configuration files.
  • Here we will select OpenVPN for the purpose of this example.
  • Download the OpenVPN client utility.
  • Now, install it on your Windows OS by clicking the openVPN-install-xxx.exe file.

Once the service is installed and ready for use, unzip the configuration files that you downloaded and copy them to a folder where the VPN client is installed. By default, the client device is installed at:


  • –        Open the client configuration and change the name of the client to NETGEAR-VPN:
  • –        Now go to the Networks setting menu (Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings)
  • –        Find your local area connection with the device name TAP-Windows Adapter. Now, select the LAN and change its name to NETGEAR-VPN.
  • –        This is necessary because if you don’t change the name of VPN interface, the connection to VPN tunnel will fail.
  • –        That’s it. Now you can browse internet anonymously by using any cheap VPN router available online.

Best VPN Router for Home

Want to improve the performance of your home router with VPN? Here is a list of the best vpn router for home you can use.

  1. Linksys WRT 3200ACM

Linksys WRT 3200ACM

Linksys WRT 3200ACM is regarded as one of the best VPN routers for home. If you require great control over your network, it is worth considering Linksys WRT 3200ACM. It has a reasonable price. However, it provides plenty of features.


It is quite fast with more than 5GHz throughput in the testing. The speed for file transfer is outstanding. It can support Tri-Stream 160MHz and MU-MIMO technologies. Also, the wired connectivity is excellent.


The DD-WRT tends to require a few technical chops. There is a lack of 160MHz clients.

  1. PandaPow WiFi

PandaPow WiFi

PandPow WiFi router is provided by the PandPow VPN service providers. It is relatively cheaper as compared to some other VPN routers for home. This makes it perfect for home usage. It usually comes with 15 months of subscription.


It is one of the easiest to set up routers. A great feature is the ease of its use. You can connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable. It is powered by battery. The size is also smaller. It supports filters for excluding websites.


It is not the most powerful VPN router. It is not good to be used in bigger houses.

  1. Asus RT-AC56U

Asus RT-AC56U

Asus RT-AC56U is another magnificent router with cool features. It is one router with vpn servers. This is one of the cheaper routers by Asus. The main features include 4x Gigabit Ethernet, integrated VPN, and WPA/WPA2 & WPS security. It is the third 802.11ac VPN router offered by Asus.


The prices of this VPN router are quite low. It presents superb midrange performance. The USB network speed is immense. It offers comprehensive set of features.


The biggest setback is that there is no cloud platform supported by this router. The speed of long range wireless usually suffers.

Cheap VPN Wireless Routers

Security is important but price is out of range. Don’t worry, these cheap VPN wireless routers are what you need.

  1. Asus AC5300

Asus AC5300-Cheap-VPN-Wireless-router

Asus AC5300 is among the cheapest VPN wireless routers available in the market. It is an all-rounder product. It allows you to make use of the multiple networks of 5GHz. The whole setup does not cost high.


The software interface of Asus AC5300 router is absolutely likeable. Performance is also brilliant. Considering the speed, it delivers amazing transfer speeds.


The greatest downfall of this wireless router is that it does not support MUMIMO. It also does not support wireless bridge. Most importantly, the USB 3.0 performance is slow.

  1. Linksys AC5400

Linksys AC5400-Cheap-vpn-wireless-router

Another useful wireless VPN router, Linksys AC5400 is exceptional with its performance. It is packed with outstanding hardware. It has 802.11ac circuitry and 1.4GHz dual core processor. It includes three independently working Wi-Fi bands. Its standout features incorporate 5.3Gbps wireless speed, easier setup, and next generation AC Wi-Fi.


The biggest advantage is the stellar performance of Wi-Fi. It supports seamless roaming. Other pros include MUMIMO capable and extensive management. It is great in case you need to extend your network.


Linksys AC5400 is slightly expensive as compared to other cheap wireless VPN routers. The huge footprint is another negative aspect.

  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10-cheap-wireless-router

This is an 802.11 ad router with vpn server having tremendous power. The connectivity is the most impressive feature of an 802.11ad router. It can pull greater bandwidth off the modem.


It has the Wi-Fi speed of more than 7.2 Gbps. You can connect more than 20 devices. 6 Ethernet ports are connected up to Gigabit Ethernet. 4 great performance antennas permit a great splay. It allows you to access internet from a great distance. It acts as a PLEX media server as well.


The device often tends to get hot at 118 degree Fahrenheit.

Best cheap pre-configured VPN routers

Not so tech-savvy? No need to configure the VPN on your wireless router when you can get your hands on best cheap pre configured vpn routers .

  1. Linksys WRT1900AC

Linksys WRT1900AC-Best cheap pre-configured VPN routers

It is a successor to the Linksys WRT54GL. It is a pre-configured router. Linksys WRT1900AC comes with a pre-configured network. It just requires that you plug in the power and then connect the router to the modem. The preconfigured network data is located on a sticker under the router.


Configuring network is easy in navigating. The web interface is intuitive which makes it standout. It is an advanced router with perfect in-class throughput.


It is not as cheap as it sounds. It is expensive compared to its competitor best cheap pre configured vpn routers.

  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

It is a Tri-band preconfigured router. It offers security, speed, and features that are essential in a premium router. Its greatest feature is that it is a tri-band. It is a powerful router and offer latest Wi-Fi technology.


The initial setup is quite simple. It provides extensive support. It is an uncongested wireless network with a nice speed.


Even though it is a tri-band device, the speed is not that faster as we expect. Also, it faces imbalances amid the load of the connected devices. The prices are slightly higher as compared to other preconfigured VPN routers.

  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800

Netgear is an American network organization. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800 is a cheap preconfigured VPN offered by NETGEAR. Although, it is cheaper, it provides greater speed than other routers. It comes with pre-configured Wi-Fi network. You can just plug the device into a power outlet.


The greatest features include the ease of its use, great Wi-Fi signal strength, good configurability, better design, and affordability. It is cheaper than many other VPN routers. It provides 4X4 Router.


The interface is sluggish at times. Also, it seems quite confusing to many users.

Best VPN Router UK

Here is a list of the best VPN Router UK that you can use while living in Great Britain.

1.      Asus RT-AC86U

Most consider Asus a gamer centric company. But that’s just one focus of Asus. It also has some really good secure and privacy-focused devices that you can use on your system. The Asus RT-AC86U router is for anyone looking to improve their privacy.

Asus RT-AC86U-Best-VPN-Router-UK

For those who are always concerned about privacy, secure connection, and slow internet speed, the Asus RT-AC86U best vpn router uk is the solution to their problem. Not only is it fast, but it comes equipped with third party VPN service to take network security to a whole new level.


  • Five gigabit LAN ports for improved data flow.
  • Equipped with extensive firmware to improve speed and coverage of the device.


  • Too complex for a normal user to set up. However, it comes with manuals for the daring ones.

2. Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router is what it name says: a gaming router. But that’s just on the surface. Inside, it is a Linksys heavy-hitter that takes all of the successful components of a highly rated router, and combines them with a custom firmware with easy navigation and UI to offer the best VPN wireless router for privacy and security. You can buy it if you are looking for consistent ping in online games or higher network performance.Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router


  • Easy to set up. Comes with customized firmware
  • Priority selection feature with dual-core engine


  • Will be heavier on the pocket

3. D-link DIR-885L/R

D-link DIR-885L/R is a mid-range VPN wireless router that combines speed and consistent performance. It is primarily aimed at gamers, but its multiple functions are perfect for people looking for best VPN routers. The D-link DIR-885L/R comes with ample features for its price range. The UI is almost perfect, and the router has an open source DD WRT firmware that offers complete flexibility and powerful performance.

D-link DIR-885LR


  • Automatic uni directional signal through wireless beamforming feature
  • Comes with a dual-core 1.4Ghz processor for simple yet powerful performance
  • Get high wifi performance with AC3150 Dual Band speeds almost 1,000 Mbps in 2.4GHz + 2,167 Mbps in 5GHz


  • Pricier than other VPN routers available with these features


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