Best Cheap VPN for FireStick

Cheap VPN for FireStick for Streaming Unlimited Video Content

Trying to watch your favorite media content? Amazon FireStick is a preferred choice for many users who are trying to stream online content without problem. In this guide, we focus on some of the best and cheap VPN for FireStick that are secure and easy to use.

We will also tell how to easily install a VPN app on your second-generation FireStick devices instantly.


Why you need VPN on FireStick?

Firestick is plug and play model that allows users to stream online content with ease. But while browsing content online, many website restrict access to geo-specific content. This means users won’t be able to browse that content if they live in another country. This is a huge problem for users who are looking to watch their favorite shows. By using a VPN server, they can easily bypass these restrictions. Further, the VPN servers also keep them safe from prying eyes of hackers, scrutiny by government agencies, and improve streaming performance by rerouting through the fastest servers in the area.


Key points to note:

VPN servers are necessary for firestick users because they:

  • Keep the data secure
  • Offer optimum streaming performance
  • Bypass censorship restrictions
  • Help download torrents and geo-specific content without worry
  • Reduce ISP bandwidth throttling by make your connection completely anonymous


Things to Look for When Choosing Best VPN for FireStick

However, choosing the Best VPN for firestick is not an easy job. You will need to make sure that it offers the maximum value for the price. Here are some of the major factors that you should keep in mind while making a decision.


#1. Connection Speed

Is your connection fast? If you internet is slow, and you get a VPN server, it won’t affect the speed. Your connection will become anonymous but it will remain slow. So, if your internet is slow. It is better to first change the connection speed rather than get a Cheap VPN for Firestick.

#2. Strength of Encryption

What type of connection encryption does the VPN server offers? Usually the 256-bit AES encryption is provided by most VPN provides. It is the regular standard of encryption and is used by national security agencies. You can also check for IKEv2/IPsec, a next generation encryption protocol that can’t be cracked even by the world’s toughest computers.

#3. No Logs Policy

Most VPN servers keep a log of all activities performed by the VPN users during their online session. You need to read all the user policies of the VPN server to find out if they keep a policy log. It is better to avoid those VPN servers that keep logs because you will always be insecure that the Cheap VPN for Firestick has your data.

#4. Security Features

While your vigilant eyes can protect you from many major security concerns, it is still important that you VPN server offers certain level of security. Make sure check for the following security features in the VPN you choose.

  • Authentication support
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Military grade encryption
  • Digital certificate support
  • Default security for administration and maintenance ports

#5. Customer Support Service

Finally, the biggest concern of many VPN service users is that they don’t offer consistent phone support. So, search for VPN services that offer telephone line support. You can also check for the reviews of the VPN service to make sure you are buying the right one.

Why Cheap VPN for Firestick is better than free VPN?

While searching for the best VPN for using with Firestick, many users get confused about what VPN service they should use. We have decided to help them by providing a list of factors that compare both Cheap VPN and Free VPN servers.

  1. Server Selection

Cheap VPN providers offer more number of servers than free VPNs. Also, cheap VPNs provide sever coverage in more number of areas. Generally, free VPNs cover a few common POPs like London and New York.

  1. Security

Free VPNs do not offer high security. They offer just one sort of connection i-e PPTP which is not secure any more.  Cheap VPNs offer strong encryption. They have more options such as L2TP, OpenVPN, and IPsec combination.

  1. Speed

Connection speed is a real problem with the free VPNs. The servers of free VPNs are often crowded which results in lessened speed. They lack resources as well to maintain infrastructure quality. Cheap VPNs support their traffic and can carry thousands of connections at a time without slowing down.

  1. Quality of Service

Cheap VPNs are more robust than the free VPNs. It would protect user interests at a greater speed. Free VPNs tend to outsource a third party for writing its code, operating services, and monitoring systems.

  1. User Privacy

Free VPNs often do not disclose their logging policy. Cheap VPNs do not log your activities while free VPNs often do.


5 VPNs according to Firestick users

  1. NordVPN Firestick


NordVPN Cheap VPN for Firestick ensures online protection and privacy. These are the basic requirements for any VPN user. It allows you safe browsing including downloading, torrenting, and streaming.


It does not keep log of your data. There is a strict privacy policy. It supports around 2650 fast browsers all over the world. It provides great security with automatic kills switch. Another key feature is the double data encryption.


NordVPN Firestick is a little expensive than other VPNs. On high server traffic, speed varies. There are question marks on glitches in its performance.


  1. Express VPN Firestick


Express VPN is one of the most trusted VPNs for the Firestick users. It has been proven that it does not log your activities. With ultra-internet security, it is among the fastest VPN apps. It is also regarded as first generation Firestick VPN.


ExpressVPN offers superfast internet speed. It provides VPN services in more than 140 countries. They have more than 1700 servers around the world. You can stream anything without any restrictions.


ExpressVPN is not among the cheapest VPNs. It allows just 3 devices with a single subscription. Also, there is no free trial option.


  1. PIA Firestick


With PIA Firestick, you get an anonymous IP. It would provide internet freedom and encryption of your data. You have the option of paying anonymously with several gift cards including Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and many more.


With a strict privacy policy of Private Internet Access, there are no VPN traffic logs. It is a cheap VPN. In case you choose a long subscription plan, you need to pay lower prices. It offers both protection and speed.


PIA Firestick is based in the United States. Hence, it follows the US regulations. The interface is basic with the absence of live chat option.


  1. PureVPN Firestick


PureVPN is one of the most preferred VPNs by the Firestick users. It works amazingly for streaming on Firestick device. It is reliable and fast. It is easy to set up on the Firestick. It is available in the Firestick device in the section of utilities.


More than 750 servers are supported by the PureVPN Firestick in 140+ countries around the globe. It is compatible with more than 20 devices. It allows 5 simultaneous logins.


With PureVPN, you may face connection issues with certain servers. The number of servers supported by PureVPN are less than some of its competitors’.


  1. Ivacy Firestick


Ivacy is a good choice for the Firestick users. It offers protected and fast VPN for Firestick devices. You can stream and download with maximum freedom. It does not keep log and offers complete anonymity.


Ivacy ensures split tunneling and prioritizes your data traffic. It is considered fastest VPN service. It offers IPv6 leak protection service to its users. You are allowed 5 multi-logins. The number of servers supported by Ivacy are more than 275.


Ivacy VPN services are slower in the Asian countries. You may face frequent connection issues as well.


Install VPN on Firestick 2nd Generation

The best way to download and install VPN on Firestick 2nd Generation is through direct download. There is no need to download it from app stores such as Google Play. For android devices, the installation file format is Android Application Package or APK. However, it is suggested to download APKs from the website of the VPN provider. APK files provided by the third parties may be infected with malware of adware. You require a download URL for APK file in order to download through this method. Following is the complete step by step guide to install VPN on Firestick 2nd Generation:

  1. Boot up the Firestick device and then move to the search bar. Type “Downloader” and press Enter.
  2. Make sure to install the Downloader App. Most commonly, the Downloader App would have an orange logo.Cheap FireStick VPN
  3. Open the Downloader and paste the URL for APK file of the VPN. In case the URL is longer than required, enter the URL of the page containing the download link. This would display a rudimentary browser which will allow you to download APK file.


In this case, we are installing NordVPN. The URL allows us to download the .apk file.

  1. After the download is finished, you would be asked to install the application. In case it does not happen, go to your “downloads” and click on the APK file.
  2. After the above steps, the file must be ready to work. Your VPN would be ready to be enabled and used.


Final Word

We hope you are now able to use a Cheap VPN for Firestick platform. In case of any problems, don’t forget to comment below or contact us on our email address.

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