Stremio VPN: Features, Installation & Configuration, and Review

As the internet speed is now a lot better, we have moved from text based content to video content. This means we are now watching more videos, movies, and even tv shows. The switch to video based content has also increased our use of channels like Netflix, Youtube, and many other streaming services.

But not everyone can stream content online. Especially because most of the time the content is geo-restricted. This means the person will only be able to watch the content if he/she lives within the area. For example, a person living in Canada can watch Canadian TV shows. They aren’t aired anywhere else so people living outside of Canada can’t access this type of content.

This is where Stremio media player comes in. It is a media portal that merges Netflix, Hulu, Popcorn, Youtube, and other streaming websites together, giving users the flexibility to watch all type of content on a single channel.

What is Stremio? Why is it needed?

Stremio makes it easier for users to watch the content of their choice, all at a single platform. They can get on-demand content that they always wanted to watch, irrespective of the region from where they access it from.

Stremio also supports addons just like Kodi, so the Stremio users can install addons of their choice for instant access to entertainment and video content.

They can also find and watch TV shows and movies from various entertainment networks without any hassle. In short, the stremio media network suit is a portal to all kinds of video content for every type of user.

Why You Need a VPN to Access Stremio Content?

Stremio offers multiple addons to watch third party content online. Users can watch movies, tv shows, videos, and many more visual content. But the problem occurs when some users try to watch geo-restricted content. For example, a person living in Canada tries to watch Russian channels. Russia doesn’t have a treaty with Canada so Russian channels can’t be watched in Canada. If the police traces that someone is watching Russian content through illegal means, then it will arrest them.

This is because the content is copyrighted. And, you can’t watch copyrighted content without permission.

On the other hand, a VPN service will keep you anonymous. They offer 256-bit encryption so all data is encrypted before being sent. Moreover, by using VPN servers, the users remain protected from malicious software, malware, and viruses that often get downloaded with the third-party add-ons. The VPNs act as a filter and keep these malicious files at bay.

Is Stremio illegal with VPN?

Stremio itself is not illegal to use. It completely depends on the user who is using it for his illicit purposes. It is just a program that the users can use to watch the content of their choice. In most cases, users watch videos, movies, and tv shows and think ‘Is stremio illegal?’ The answer is no.

These types of content is completely legal to watch. But a VPN provides increased protection and anonymity to the users who are streaming content using Stremio.

Is Stremio safe without vpn?

No. Stremio is a great media portal service for users. It is safe to use if you aren’t using any addons. But without addons you can’t watch movies or tv shows of your choice. Majority of the Stremio addons have a malicious code attached to them that can infect your system. The beauty of VPN servers is that they come with a firewall that keeps your computer protected at all times. This means users can watch their favorite channels without the fear of getting their systems infected with a malicious code.

5 best vpn for stremio (heading – discuss 5 vpns description and images, pros and cons)

Here is a list of the best 5 VPN services for Stremio.

1.Pure VPN

First in our list is PureVPN. Rated by many VPN stremio review websites as the best VPN service for streaming video content, PureVPN is available for $3.54 per month. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest, but it is worth it. With over 1500+ servers in 90+ countries, users from any country can easily watch their favourite content through Stremio addons with the help of Pure VPN service. It helps bypass ISP throttling and makes Stremio video buffering a breeze.

Pros of PureVPN:

  • Almost 1500 servers to connect to streaming websites using Stremio
  • Available for a small price of $3.5 per month
  • Great for users who are avid streamers

Cons of PureVPN:

  • A little costly than other VPN services

2.Nord VPN

Next we have NordVPN. This VPN service is specifically built to offer secure connectivity among users. The NordVPN offers 3400 servers in more than 60 countries. It also offers P2P encryption, DDoS protection, and onion over VPN service. The NordVPN also offers 30 day money back guarantee to its users.

Pros of NordVPN:

  • Offers 30 day money back guarantee
  • Offers 5000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Complete DDoS protection with P2P encryption

Cons of NordVPN:

  • Doesn’t have server concentration in US that can affect network performance

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is known as the VPN for gaming systems. Whether you are playing a multiplayer, or just playing any game online, IPVanish helps keep the FPS stable. The service currently has servers in over 60 countries. It is a beginner friendly VPN service that allows users to stream movies, TV shows and other content.

Pros of IPVanish:

  • Offers complete satisfaction and encrypted connection
  • Great for playing games or streaming entertainment content. Comes with military grade encryption

Cons of IPVanish:

  • Limited number of servers in comparison with PureVPN and NordVPN


4. Private Internet Access VPN

Private VPN is available in over 50 countries. It currently has only a hundred servers available that’s pretty small considering the quantity of servers available with most other VPN stremio services. But Private VPN is known for its sound packages and quality of service. The company offers fast speed VPN for almost anything you want to do. The servers aren’t specific to streaming content and most use them for browsing onion content and P2P discussions.


Pros of PIA:

  • Simple user interface, and smart connectivity across all devices
  • Seamless payment option for usability
  • Offers great convenience in browsing encrypted content and onion websites

Cons of PIA:

  • No mobile app available; makes it difficult to connect through mobile

5. Ivacy VPN

Next we have Ivacy VPN service. It has over 300 servers in multiple locations. Ivacy is mostly used by gamers who want to reduce the level of ping they get. The VPN server helps them reduce it by connecting from the nearest place of game server. However, it is now also used for streaming video content.

Pros of Ivacy VPN:

  • Perfect speed for the price
  • Military grade encryption to protect your data
  • Expert customer support to solve issues within a blink

Cons of Ivacy VPN:

  • Not compatible with TOR network
  • Had problem working with Netflix

Five Best Free Stremio VPN Services

Here is a list of the best free VPN stremio services you can use to watch streamed content online. But you need to know that there is nothing like free lunch. And, these free VPNs will be making commission in one way or another. They will either sell your information to various advertisers. Or, install malicious software or code on your system to mine cryptocurrencies. Or, they will bombard you with popup ads to earn revenue. These are not only sabotaging your privacy but they also don’t work to keep you anonymous. So, our recommendation is not to try free VPNs for streaming Stremio content online.

But we would still want to help you get the list so that you can make an aware decision.

1. Touch VPN

First in our list is Touch VPN. It is available for desktop, laptop, and mobile. While using them, you can simply download the browser extension and turn it on. The VPN will work similar to a paid addon, but there is only one catch. It will have popup ads.

2. Hola

Next in our list is a software that offers both paid and free versions. Hola is available for smartphones, desktops, and laptops. It is a great free alternative for anyone who would like to stream entertainment content with anonymity.

3. TunnelBear VPN

Next we have tunnelbear VPN. It is a paid VPN but offers 500MBs data transfer completely free each month. TunnelBear is available for all types of devices and offers 256 bit AES encryption.

4. WindScribe

Windscribe is completely free. It is available as a downloadable software that you can enable to browse the web or stream content in private. The company persists that it keeps the data confidential and doesn’t leak personal information.

5. Hide Me

Hide Me VPN service comes with absolute privacy and advanced military grade protection to keep you anonymous at all times. It offers a free VPN up to 2GB internet bandwidth per month. To get more, you need to subscribe to the paid package.

List of Stremio VPN Working Issues

Here is a list of Stremio VPN problems that can lead to bottlenecks while watching your favorite entertainment programs.

Stremio VPN Proxy problem

Stremio works with all VPN servers. However, sometimes compatibility issue can arise. In that case, simply use another location on the server to connect to server.

If the VPN still doesn’t work with Stremio, simply contact their support.

Stremio VPN port problem

You may need to change port of Stremio software while using a VPN server. Make sure to ask the VPN support team about the port issue. Most VPN servers use the 11470 port setting. If the port problem still persists, simply re-enable port settings.

Stremio VPN addons

Stremio offers multiple addons for watching entertainment content online. However, there is no VPN addon available. You can use the following addons to watch movies through Stremio.

  • Watch Hub
  • DTube
  • Twitch

We hope you will now have an understanding of how Stremio works with VPN servers, and why they are essential for keeping your anonymity intact while watching streamed content.

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