Surfshark VPN Review 2018- Everything You need to know about it

Surfshark is a VPN service that is quite gritty in its performance. It ensures complete user privacy. It offers several powerful features that are reliable and tends to deliver what it promises at a full scale. It is a relatively new VPN service in comparison with the tough joints already in existence but that’s what makes it stand out. Unlike others, it has made a huge impact within the VPN industry in a short amount of time. Many users who have actually tried it have written in Surfshark VPN review that it is extremely fast and incredibly cheap VPN service that anyone can use at home or in office. The service has also received the highest rating for online gaming and torrenting.

In addition, it is believed to be a good streaming service that offers connection of heavy data operations. For learning more about this extreme VPN service, don’t forget to read the complete Surfshark VPN review in detail.

But before you learn more about the Surfshark VPN review, let’s focus on its pros and cons.

Pros of SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is a simple and astounding VPN service  to use VPN that is known in the market for its exceptional performance, superfast speed and incredible security.

  • The biggest advantage of the SurfShark VPN service is that it supports an unlimited number of devices.
  • It is also one of the few providers that permit unlimited connections to the user’s devices.
  • One account is enough for the whole family or it may look like it will be as is advertised by Surf Shark.
  • Another benefit of the Surf Shark service is that it offers multiple server locations with over 500 servers in 50+ countries.
  • Considering, these facts, it is one of the cheapest VPN services around.
  • Moreover, you can easily eliminate malware, ads, and trackers that block media streaming services with this VPN activated.

Cons of SurfShark VPN

Nothing is perfect in this world and same goes for Surf Shark VPN service. Though it is one of the best, it also comes with its fair share of problems. Here are few that we have come across.

  • The biggest problem with Surfshark is that there is no native client for Linux and macOS.
  • The speed at times is below-average, which is a total mess for the users who are looking for consistent performance throughout. This problem also affects the streaming of the service.
  • It is evident from Surfshark VPN performance review that where quality suffers, lies also surface. As is advertised, most users have said that they don’t see 50+ locations in their dashboard. According to them, it only supports locations close to 100.
  • Static IP is another key issue with thee Surf Shark VPN service because it doesn’t offer one. But, this actually an issue because not many people are paying for the premium version and the static IP can only be availed if the user is on a premium connection.
  • Also, there is no kill switch which is a huge drawback. A VPN that does not provide a kill switch is not trusted by the users.
  • Similarly, there are no dedicated apps except for Android.

Surfshark VPN Pricing Review

Let’s discuss a little about pricing in this Surfshark review. For starters, the price plans are affordable and flexible. There are three plans including monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly plans. In case of monthly subscriptions, you need to pay $10.95 per month.

If you choose the yearly plan, you need to pay $3.95 per month, which is a lot lower considering that the users can choose this one.

A bi-yearly plan demands you to pay $6.66 every month, which is in-between both plans and offers nominal return in terms of streaming and security.

However, the good thing is that a Surfshark offers Coupon Code is available that let’s users get 24 months plan while paying just $1.99 per month.  It is still way cheaper than what some top VPN services are currently offering. Take example of NordVPN charges $11.95 for monthly plan, $5.75 per month for yearly plans, and $3.29 per month for two year plans.

Surfshark does not provide two year plan, but its other plans are a lot cheaper than NordVPN service.

Surfshak vpn pricing review

Surfshark VPN Free Trial Review

Surfshark VPN service is available with a 7-day free trial for Android and iOS devices. Those who have taken a review of Surfshark VPN or have actually used the service in reality have disclosed that there is no refund policy for the users who use the VPN service on Android or IOS. The refund policy exists only for desktop systems.

A 7-day trial is enough to understand the policies of a VPN. The free trial is good to acknowledge the features. Also, it is useful in deciding whether the Surfshark VPN apk is worthy or not.

Most of the Surfshark Reddit users have regarded it as a useful VPN. The only problem with the free trial is that there is no money back guarantee. Top VPN service providers always ensure refund on a free trial, but that isn’t the case with this VPN and that is one reason most users will avoid using Surf Shark VPN, unless and until they change their no-refund policy. For now, the only request to Surfshark is that they should consider refunding on android and iOS devices as well.

Surfshark VPN servers review

Surfshak vpn server spread

Surfshark is offering more than 500 servers in 50 countries. Server locations are spread across Europe and North America, with a low concentration of servers in Africa and Australasia. Surfshark Reddit users have suggested adding more server locations. Surfshark must enhance their locations in other parts of the world specifically Asia and South America. Server locations would be important for Surfshark to make their service get better coverage worldwide.

Surfshark VPN Netflix Review

Surfshark vpn work with netflix

Surfshark is quite useful in unblocking Netflix service. It is considered among the top VPNs for Netflix by reviews gathered from across the internet. But you should note that streaming videos on Netflix is illegal and th SurfShark VPN won’t help you do that.

Instead, it helps users get a Netflix license to stream content of their choice. Users can easily stream video content on Netflix with the type of account they have available.

But this brings the question, why use a VPN with Netflix?

  • Content Restriction

Most users have said that there are certain programs on Netflix that are restricted to certain regions. This means people living in other regions can’t access these programs from their locations. That’s where VPNs help.

  • Bandwidth Hogging

Second reason people prefer VPN servers is because of the bandwidth hogging by the ISPs. Most ISPs will hog your bandwidth fearing that you will consume more of it while streaming movies. VPNs provide you a cover from that.

Therefore, billions of people watch Netflix using VPN. VPN unblocks Netflix and allows you to watch your favorite shows. Surfshark Netflix service allows you to through to Netflix pretty easily. It also provides you information on the virtual servers by contacting their customer support.

Surfshark VPN review Reddit

Most reddit users have shown their appreciation of the SurfShark VPN service. They say that they are in favour of this VPN because of three reasons:

  • It works in China
  • It has a kill switch
  • I allows P2P/Torrenting

These are three reasons that have made SurfShark VPN service a success among the users. Apart from these three features, there isn’t much that makes SurfShark stand out from the rest. Most redditors are only concerned about SurfShark VPN’s service in China as of writing of this article. We will update if we have more information about the review of SurfShark from redditors.

Surfshark Browser Extensions Review

SurfShark offers a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension is made for people who don’t want to download the whole software and only want to use it with their browser. The Surfshark extension allows them to just do that. But it only works once these users have bought a package plan.

The Surfshark browser extension can be downloaded for Google and Firefox. If you want to use it specifically for your mobile, simply download the android app of Surfshark VPN APK through their website.

Final Word: Is it worth it?

It depends.

There is no clear answer to SurfShark VPN service. It is useful for users in terms of the price it offers. But, it doesn’t offer as many servers as you will find with most other VPN service providers.

So, before making a decision, check its pros and cons and also compare them with other VPN services.


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